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Several innovations make FALX work the way it does. They're explained below.



Key Features

FALX was developed and optimized to provide Quicker, Cleaner, and Cooler plunge cuts in difficult jobs like hardwoods, laminates, and nail-embedded materials. FALX has excellent ergonomics, makes beautiful plunge entries, and is very durable.


FALX is fast! Its hybrid tooth set clears chips faster and its dual clearance angles leave more room for chips which mean less debris in your way to slow you down. Top quality Austrian bimetal steel has been used so that the FALX stays sharp and fast longer.


FALX’ curved front, unique to bimetal blades, generates the cleanest entry to a plunge cut in the industry. Its opposing teeth let you guide the blade to exactly where you need it. FALX’ unique hybrid tooth set reduces wave patterns in the resulting cut face.


Heat ruins cuts! FALX’ unique hybrid tooth set and dual clearance angle design provides the most amount of space for chips to be removed from the cutting zone, reducing heat. In the event your cut does overheat, the low-friction ceramic coating sheds burnt-on debris more readily than bare steel so your FALX blade keeps on working.


The first thing you’ll notice about FALX is how comfortable it feels while cutting. The curved tooth pattern eliminates uncomfortable forward hammering intrinsic to blades with a straight tooth pattern, and FALX’ unique opposing teeth let you guide the blade with minimal effort.


FALX’ curved front and dual clearance angles evenly distribute load and provide increased strength while Austrian bimetal steel construction and the high-hardness low-friction coating resist wear. These features combine to provide exceptional durability, especially in harder to cut materials like laminate flooring, hardwoods, and nail-embedded materials.

Universal shank

FALX' shank fits on to machines made by FEIN, Milwaukee, Makita, Ridgid, Bosch, Skil (Trademarks are property of their respective owners)