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Proper Use of FALX

Here are some quick pointers on how to get the most out of your FALX blade, or any oscillating saw blade for that matter!


1. Mounting the Blade

Attach the blade at between 45º and 90º to the machine. This will give you the most rigidity and control over the oscillating motion. The blade will, however, certainly work if it’s set inline with the machine when required.

2. Cutting – Move the blade side-to-side

During plunge cuts, move the blade side-to-side. This helps chip ejection, increasing cutting speed and reducing heat buildup.

3. Cutting – Clear the chips

When performing deeper plunge cuts, periodically clear chips from the sidewalls. This assists in chip ejection.

4. Cutting – Let the blade do the work

Oscillating tools work best when you let them do the heavy lifting. Push in with only moderate force and let the tool do the work. This generates a more efficient cutting action, and greater operator comfort. 

5. Cutting – Reduce the cutting speed for deep cuts

CutPlunging into hardwoods generates a lot of heat. Reduce the speed of the tool slightly (10-25%) in order to reduce heat generation. Reducing speed excessively will cause vibration and reduced control.

6. Crosscutting in laminated materials

 While FALX has been tuned to plunge into laminated materials cleanly, cross-cutting requires a minor adjustment in technique. Make sure to use only the teeth which are pointing towards the top of the laminate - not those pointing away. FALX’ aggressive cutting action can cause delamination if the teeth pointing away from the material are used during cross-cutting.