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KS, Tennessee

"I have used my Falx blade for several jobs and I have to say, I'm impressed.  I was impressed right when I I pulled it out of the package, you can tell quality just by having something in your hands sometimes.  However, I wanted to put this blade to the test.  I had to install two outlets in the middle of an existing Jotoba hardwood floor.  Normally, I will use a half moon blade to get a precise outline and finish with a Japanese style wood blade.  On the first outlet, I used my half moon blade for my outline and the Falx blade to plunge the remaining cut.  This blade is by far the best blade I used for hardwood, cut through much easier than other blades I've used in the past.  On the second outlet, I used the Falx for the entire cut out.  I used a wood block to help keep my cuts accurate and for now the blade is cutting as good as my very first cut.  Will definitely buy Falx blades in the future.  Also, for all of my cuts I have been using the blade at 90 degrees to the tool."