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JG, British Columbia

"Hello FALX team,
I appreciate you sending me a sample of your new blade technology and I am happy to give you me feedback.
What you used it for?
I used it to cut a mixture of soft and hardwoods (cedar, spruce, fir, oak and maple). I used it to cut notches, plunge cuts and cutting down door jams for flooring installations.
How it felt, how fast it cut, how much heat was there?
It felt very smooth when cutting, I noticed that the cutting motion was so smooth that there was a reduction in vibration. I use a Fein Multimaster 250 and the blade cut so much faster than my usual blades that it feels like I am using a more powerful tool. It's difficult to judge how the heat compares between blades, but I would guess that the FALX blade produces less heat because I am noticing far less burn marks on my cuts and the runtime of the blades outlast all over blades I have used so far.
Was it of any benefit to your work?
With faster and cleaner cuts it allows me to produce a better product in less time, so I would say yes it does benefit my work.
What annoyed you?
What you'd change?
It's difficult to say because this does feel like a leap forward over current blade technology. Areas where progress can be made are blade life, cutting speed and most importantly a blade that allows you to make controlled cuts (without vibration and unpredictable movement)."
- JG, British Columbia