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MP, Illinois

"Hello FALX team!
I received one of your sample blades (following a link from Reddit) and I have been pleased with the results.  I specialize is using reclaimed wood to make custom projects (mostly furniture), so often find myself in a spot where some unusual cutting is required.  I've never been satisfied with my previous experiences of using an oscillating saw because the blades would bog down, overheat and generally make a mess while sometimes cutting.  The FALX blade was nothing like this.  I used it to cut some end grain hard Maple and it cut right through without a struggle.  Eight feet of trimming later and there still weren't scorch marks on the wood or build-up on the blade!
I later used the blade to slice some very thin pieces off some Hickory trim and again there were no problems.  I was particularly impressed with the lack of vibration of the blade, as I was trying to make some very precisely located cuts and I was able to hit my mark just right.  Good stuff right there!

-MP, Illinois