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JL, Ontario

"What the customer used it for:
-Cut a slot in a beam pressing down on the garage door lift rail at a hard to get to are;
-Cut a ventilation hole for Hvac on hardwood floor at a hard to get to area;
-Cut hole in door frame for lock repositioning;

How it felt, how fast it cut, how much heat was there?
-On the beam & door frame, it cuts like butter.
-On hardwood, it's takes a bit more effort. But that's seems to be the same across other blades;  but definitely not generating as much heat that cause burns with wood.

Was it of any benefit to your work?
-Yes, can cut longer without worry about burning;
-Debris clear out easier during cut

What annoyed you?

What you'd change?
-Like to comment on that after I see how long it's edge last. "

-JL, Ontario