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SF, Indiana

"I used the FALX blade just last weekend actually. I was redoing my deck in the backyard. I used it to cut the ends of off boards at straight angles, right angles, and even some curved portions. I needed something smooth and quick where a circular saw nor a sawzall would fit. The FALX blade was incredibly fast and smooth.

Controlling it was as easy as one could hope for and I didn’t bat an eye any time I needed to use it. In fact I looked forward to using it because it was so quick and versatile. Didn’t feel the blade to determine how hot it got; but this was partially due to the fact it cut so quick I can’t imagine it even had much time to heat up! I loved the blade and hope they last a long time. I’ll have to stock up on a few though just to make sure I’m never caught without one!

[In response to asking if we can use his review on our site]

Sure, not a problem. It truly is a great blade. I can’t speak to the longevity yet, as it’s new to me still.. But the weight and craftsmanship is quite noticeable compared to other blades. I meant to do a side by side test on some wood because I wanted to give an full-fledged head to head review, but I really didn’t want to switch off the FALX.. I figured it was so quick and precise at the cuts I needed, what would be the point to switch to a different blade..

But of course, feel free to grab any sentences from our contact and put together a review for the website :) Nothing could be really taken out of context. The FALX blade is substantially better than other blades I have used with my BOSCH.. the standard blades that came with the tool and some box store blade packs were not as good.period."


-SF, Indiana