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JZ, Quebec

"When I first heard about FALX blades, I thought it was a little gimmicky, but now that I've used one I couldn't be more wrong. It really works and plunge cut is much smoother than square blades. The edge follows the exact curvature with radius to center of rotation (I measured it with a compass) so center of blade bites first, then all teeth engage in cut. There’s absolutely no knocking where two corners of a square blade repeatedly bash into surface being cut. The FALX also cuts faster and can throw more sawdust out.
Examine it later showed how well it was made. The blade has been surface ground for flatness. Each half of the teeth face opposite direction so they cut on both left and right swing. The teeth have also been set to a wavy pattern like on a good hacksaw blade to create clearance for deeper cuts. The blade is about 5/8" longer than the typical square blades, which let the edge move longer distance for a more efficient cut.
The universal fit however isn't truly universal. It fits my Bosch perfectly, and presumably other brands that using the same interface. However it doesn't fit Dremel, nor any of the quick clamp system from Dewalt/Porter Cable/Black & Decker without an adapter. The longer blade also means it doesn't fit in blade slots in the handy box that my Bosch came with. But really, I’m just nitpicking and these are easily dealt with.
Even for a DIYer, these blades would worth the premium, and a set would last a long time."
-JZ, Quebec